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Team Swimwear & Equipment

Part of training to be a competitive swimmer is learning to swim with the proper attire and equipment. The right training suit, cap, and goggles will help your child swim more efficiently and improve speed and confidence. Please help your child be successful in our sport by following the guidelines below.

All swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase a team swimsuit to wear for meets (see information below). Swimmers may wear their team suit or a different suit for practice. No swim shirts please! These really slow your child down and make it difficult to learn to swim properly. And unlike a real wetsuit, swim shirts will actually make your child colder in the water (these shirts are designed for sun protection not warmth). 

Swimmers should wear their Garden Hills swim caps for meets (swim caps will be provided for each swimmer as part of their registration fees and will be handed out at the Cool Sharks Kick-Off).  Caps are optional for practice but long hair should be tied back and out of your swimmer's face (be sure to have extra hair ties in your bag). 

A good pair of goggles is a MUST for both practice and meets. No snorkel masks or play goggles from Target please. Nothing is more discouraging for a young swimmer than a poorly-fitted leaky pair of goggles. TYR Swimple and Speedo Skoogles or Hydrospex are good brands for young swimmers. Older swimmers need competition goggles such as Speedo Vanquisher, TYR Blackhawk or Blackops, Arena Tracks, Nike Vapor or Legacy, or similar. Goggles can be found locally at Dick's Sporting Goods (the Lenox store has a great selection), online at Amazon or SwimOutlet, or purchased at our swimsuit fittings or online through our team swimsuit vendor (click HERE).

Swim Atlanta Swim Shop is now Reddiset! And they will again be providing our team swimsuits. We will have two swimsuit fittings at Garden Hills Pool: Sat. 4/15 during Spring Clinic and Sat. 5/6 during the Cool Sharks Kick-Off (rain or shine), where you will be able to try on and purchase your suit and take it home with you. There will also be goggles and other items for sale at the fittings and on our team page online. If you are unable to attend one of the fittings, you may place an order online with Reddiset. All orders placed online will be shipped directly to your home (shipping charges will apply). If you have any questions you can contact Trey at (470) 845-7565 or email [email protected].

THE CUTOFF FOR ONLINE ORDERS IS MAY 10 in order to be delivered by the first meet (May 30th). 

We have a new team swimsuit this year! Our new swimsuit is the TYR Hexa (color - black/royal). The price is $63.99 for female suits and $39.99-$47.00 for male suits. If you have an old swimsuit from last year that still fits you are welcome to continue to wear that, or it will make a great practice suit!

There are four styles for girls:

  • Maxfit: thick straps, medium neckline, keyhole back, medium cut leg (recommended for younger swimmers) 
  • Diamondfit: thin straps, medium neckline, keyhole back, medium cut leg (recommended for all swimmers)
  • Trinityfit: thin straps, medium neckline, open strappy back, high cut leg (recommended for older swimmers)
  • Cutoutfit: thin straps, low neckline, low cut back, high cut leg (recommended for older swimmers)

Which style you choose is a matter of personal preference, but 10 & under swimmers should choose one of the first two styles. Note that the Maxfit is being discontinued and has limited availability. Of the last two styles, the Trinityfit is more stylish and has more of our team colors. 

There are also two styles for boys - Jammer (long legs) and Racer (no legs). Most boys prefer the Jammer. 

Reddiset team page (for online ordering of suits, goggles, and other equipment):


If you have any questions you can contact Trey at (470) 845-7565 or email [email protected].

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